Mayor Launches Second Round of American Immigration Forums

The second round of the American Immigration Forums launched on April 1st, 2013. The project is an initiative by Mayor Lee to help strengthen community feedback and focus on the important national topic of immigration on a local level. The project’s team is composed of high school students from throughout the Bellevue area, with the support of various advisors including John Spady of the Community Forums Network, Dr. Valentina Kiselev of In Time Magazine, and Y.P. Chan.

The first round was an event that took place in February 2012, and was subtitled “An Asian Perspective.” This round, the project aims to expand to the broader Bellevue community by gathering responses on key recommendations made by immigration policy experts, centering around family unification, skills-based immigration, and simplification of visa categories.

On April 15th, the AI Forums team presented to the Bellevue City Council during the general session to encourage participation throughout the community.

You can learn more about the project, view background materials, request a physical “box” of materials delivered for small group discussions, and participate in the online survey online at A “meeting in a box” can also be requested by calling (425)-606-4972.

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