Mayor Lee’s Letter to Bellevue Residents

Dear Neighbors,

You may have seen the hundreds of yard signs popping up this month with the names of candidates for the City Council, School Board, and other important positions in our local government. However, the election this November is about more than just any specific candidate. Instead, it is about keeping Bellevue on the right track.

During my twenty years serving on the Bellevue City Council, I have always believed that one of the highest priorities of our local government should be to improve our quality of life and preserve our neighborhoods. I have pushed my fellow Council members to develop our downtown area and invest in transportation infrastructure while minimizing the impact on residential areas. With careful planning, it is possible to grow the city’s economy without incurring noise, traffic, and environmental impacts. In addition, we have worked to keep our city secure by expanding our community safety initiatives to meet our growing needs. Our city is one of the safest in the state, and the steady improvement we have seen will continue under the right leadership.

Another important part of improving our city is the reduction of our overall tax burden. One of the tried and trusted methods of creating jobs and attracting talent to our city is by cutting our tax rates. Rather than creating wasteful programs and then raising taxes to fund them, I believe that we should only spend what we need. Not only does this help keep our government efficient, but it also reduces our tax rates and helps businesses expand their operations.

As a result of the Council’s sound fiscal management, Bellevue has received another AAA rating, and we are seeing steady economic development. With the money we have saved, we can invest in the next generation by making our nationally-ranked schools even better and ensuring that our children are not burdened with high taxes and unsustainable debt.

After living in Bellevue for the past 46 years and serving on the City Council the last 20, I am proud and happy that the City is still on the right track. It is economically vibrant, financially healthy while maintaining an excellent quality of life and safe neighborhoods. It has a school district second to none. This does not happen by accident. It is the result of your vigilant effort to elect the right people to represent you and make good policies.

The City is now poised to hire a new city manager and get ready for economic upturn and new investment needs and opportunities. There are going to be some tough and crucial decisions. Whom you elect will determine the vision and set the direction for the city in years to come.

The election this November is an important one, and I urge you to make your voice heard by casting your ballot. Together, we can keep Bellevue on the right track. I believe our future is bright, and it is critical that we maintain our communities by choosing leaders who prioritize preserving our neighborhoods, maintaining our public safety, and keeping our taxes low. I appreciate your continuing trust in our city’s leadership.

Thanks a million,

Mayor Conrad Lee

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