Mayor Lee through the Eyes of a Student

As one of Mayor Lee’s student interns, I had the fortune of being able to attend his campaign kickoff breakfast from start to finish this past Tuesday. As a high school student, I know that it is typically very difficult for young people to have an opportunity to witness such high profile political events firsthand. I feel that my friend Scott, who sat beside me at the breakfast, summed the experience up quite nicely. “I have never been in a room with so many big wigs before.”

As an Asian American, I was deeply moved by Mayor Lee’s recounting of his own immigrant experiences. His heritage revealed to me his understanding of the needs of Bellevue’s immigrant population, while his experience as an American clearly shapes his visions for Bellevue as a safe and vibrant community for families and businesses alike. Mayor Lee’s speech underscored the foundation of his work: excellence is produced through integrity, passion, and most importantly, teamwork.

As a youth member of Bellevue’s community, I hope that our city government can continue to improve our community through innovation and responsible planning. I hope that more young people like me will be able have to opportunity to experience to events such as Mayor Lee’s kickoff breakfast. We need people like Mayor Lee on our City Council.

Donate $25, $10, $5 and sign up to volunteer now! Every dollar will help Mayor Lee’s reelection and continue the good work that the he has been doing for our community.

Many thanks,

Rona Ji

Friends of Mayor Conrad Lee

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