We Won! Thank You!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for once again choosing me to represent our wonderful city on the Bellevue City Council. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to serve another term on the Council, and I know that we can make our city even better over these next four years.

Since I first took office in 1993, Bellevue has become a regional hub of commerce. Other cities in the Northwest look to us as an example of government responsibility and budget sustainability. Even though we were not immune to the economic turbulence of the last several years, Bellevue was one of the fastest to recover.

In addition, our government was able to balance the city’s budget without sacrificing neighborhoods, public safety, and low taxes. During my tenure on the City Council, I have strived to make Bellevue a great place for both families and businesses, and I will continue to work to improve our city during my next term.

It is a truly an honor to be chosen to represent the people of Bellevue. I appreciate your unwavering commitment to a shared vision for our city, and together we can ensure that we leave future generations with a robust economy and a responsible government.

Thank you for reaffirming your support of our common values, and I look forward to serving the city of Bellevue and its wonderful people with renewed vigor and enthusiasm for another term.

Best regards,


Conrad Lee
Mayor of Bellevue

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