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Bellevue Turns out Big to Support Conrad!

Bellevue Turns out Big to Support Conrad!

Bellevue turns out Big to Support Conrad’s Kickoff

Overflow crowd raises over $70,000

Conrad Lee formally announced his candidacy for re-election to the Bellevue City Council at a sold out crowd of over 450 supporters at the Bellevue Hilton.

Lee pledged to remain steadfast “as a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for low taxes, jobs and economic growth. I will remain true to these fundamental principles. I fear that with our city’s successful economic growth, many in our communities feel their government is becoming less accountable, distant and less responsive. We cannot let that happen – it is not the Bellevue way”

John Carlson, former candidate for governor and conservative talk show host served as master of ceremonies. He credited Bellevue’s remarkable two decades of economic growth to fiscally conservative leadership that has held the line on taxes and wasteful spending. “For the past two decades Conrad Lee has been the Council’s strongest and most consistent advocate for lower taxes and against wasteful spending and job killing regulations”

Former Attorney General Rob McKenna praised Conrad as the voice of the little guy. “Conrad won his first election by knocking on thousands of doors and talking directly to the voters of Bellevue. He understands the people he serves because he listens. He is tireless in attending events small and large in every neighborhood.”

That message was reinforced with a video of Bellevue community citizens who gave heartfelt testimony of why they support Conrad. We support him because he listens and he is one of us. They represented youth, seniors and small business from diverse backgrounds and different neighborhoods. Rose Strong, mother of former Seahawks star running back Mack Strong said, ”Conrad is a man of integrity and leadership. He has the back of the Bellevue community the way my son Mack had the back of the quarterback”

Jennifer Robertson, Bellevue City Council, “The Diversity of this crowd is a testament to Conrad as a leader who engages and listens to all walks of life and every neighborhood.” She particularly thanked the many newcomers to politics.” Thank you for coming. Your engagement will make a difference. Your voice will make Bellevue a better place for you and your children.”

Conrad’s April 6, 2017 Kick-Off Speech:

WOW! What a crowd! I normally have 200 people at my kick-off. Today, we have over 450. I want to thank the table captains, whose names are on the screen, Monica Tracey my event coordinator and Hilton Hotel, especially Mr. Mon Wig, who have been extremely accommodating and flexible.

Thank you, the politically-engaged and energized new-comers to our city and our country – Fritz Luan of the New Immigrant Family Association and all the parents and their kids who have to be in school. How may of you are first time? Hi!

Thank you, the young people who are our future and hopes – my campaign coordinator Interlake High School Senior Kathleen Chen and her team of volunteers. Volunteers, Wave!

Thank you, the old-timers, the old faithful, my old friends and supporters that have been with me over the past 20 years – Rob McKenna, Bob and Joan Wallace, David Schooler, John Ellis and Slade Gorton and many you know who you are.

I want to thank God for His grace to give me the energy, courage, strength, health and wisdom to keep up with the young, old and new.

Finally, thank you, Winnie, my wife of 50 years, my son, daughter and their kids for whose future we live and work for.

I cannot forget my mother Yu-Yu who was widowed when I was a young boy and sacrificed her entire life to see that my sister and I had all the opportunities to become what we are today.

Now. I want to thank you, the people of Bellevue to whom I am eternally grateful. You have confidence in me and trust me to represent you to make decisions big and small and giving me the chance to make Bellevue what it is today – from a bedroom suburb to a vibrant urban center, poised to be even greater while retaining the small town heart, value and character.

This does not happen by chance. It takes vigilance, hard work and “Bellevue” value. It takes Team work. I have proven to bring people together, develop common vision and shared goals through communication and collaboration to overcome problems and barriers – to come up with solutions the “Bellevue” way.

“Bellevue” way has served us well. such as prudent financial management – healthy financial position in good time and bad. Wise investments in roads and technologies to prepare us for advance transportation systems – driverless cars, smart and innovative technologies in cloud computing, big data and Artificial Intelligence to make Bellevue the global technology center that attract global talents to Bellevue. Bellevue has it all. However, if we want to continue to be

successful, we have to listen to our residents, communicate with them, listen and collaborate. The sky is the limit if we do it right, like the UW logo, “Boundless”.

Along with my colleagues, we have developed a 20 year vision for 2035. “We embrace the future while respecting our past.” The challenge is how to make it “Bellevue” way – growing smart to be financially sustainable to grow while maintaining the quality of life we enjoy. With vision, consistency and persistence, I have been a big part of the team that have made what Bellevue is today – from a bedroom suburb to a vibrant urban center. a city that has no parallel. Some of the accomplishments – property evaluation of over $40B, second only to Seattle, and not by much, which keeps our property tax rate the lowest in the State. There are many things I can cite, including public safety – the safest place to be, best fire and medical response, “City in a Park” – Downtown Park will be completed this summer, Meydenbauer water-front will be fantastic, and infrastructure in BelRed roads and Intelligent Transportation system and GIX, the Global collaboration between UW and China’s Tsinghua University. One I must cite is our Diversity Program to engage our multicultural residents from all corners of the earth. “Bellevue welcomes the world. Diversity is our strength.” We don’t just say it. We live it. The city has done a great job; but it is also challenging in making connections. You do not usually see many diverse population in political events. I am very proud to see so many of you here.

The future of Bellevue is bright. We can make it even greater and better. But it is getting harder and more challenging. The world is becoming more divisive and sometimes even angry. People are feeling that they are not heard and listened to. Issues like affordable housing, controversial projects like Homeless shelter will continue to divide the community. With ST3 sucking up $54B, we have to figure out how to pay for other important and necessary projects.

With fast-changing demographics, communication becomes more difficult. Multiculturalism is an asset but challenging to manage and cultivate. We must collaborate with our residents in the decisions we make. We must communicate better. We must listen and act. With the partnership Rev. Ziga talked about, we can build a team to reach new heights and maintain quality of life for us and for our children, for you, the new-comers, old-timers and the young. If we do it right, people will continue to want to come here to live, work, raise family and retire. With a little luck and God willing, I hope to be the steady hand at the helm to help in this journey.

To do that I need your help to get re-elected. You have already begun. Please give me your continued support and help. May God bless you and your family. May God bless America.

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