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Letters From Supporters in the Bellevue Reporter

Letters From Supporters in the Bellevue Reporter

We are proud to have received three letters of endorsement in the Bellevue Reporter from supporters of Mr. Lee!

“[Conrad Lee] is available to whomever has a suggestion or concern, he is fiscally responsible and aware of what needs attention and he works constantly to assure the safety of our citizens.” -Margaret Perugini

“[Conrad Lee] listens. He understands. And he solves issues in ways that align well with our amazingly strong and diverse economy.” – Lei Wu

“[Conrad Lee] has dedicated his time and energy to the communities …

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Through the Eyes of a Student: Conrad Lee’s Contributions are Incredibly Remarkable

Read the full letter on The Bellevue Reporter.

From a former mentee of Mr. Lee:

“Mr. Lee has been one of the most important mentors in my life since my high school days, and his incredible energy has been contagious even now that I’m away to school at Yale.

“He has more enthusiasm to create change than anyone.”

I first met Mr. Lee back in 10th grade, and found his contributions to Bellevue incredibly remarkable. He has really helped empower me and several of my peers who have had …

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Conrad Lee Endorsed by The Seattle Times

We are proud to be endorsed by The Seattle Times!

From The Seattle Times:

“Conrad Lee has been on the Bellevue City Council for more than 23 years. While the editorial board has disagreed with him from time to time, he clearly has demonstrated a commitment to meeting the needs of his community.

Despite his long tenure on the council, Lee says his enthusiasm for the job is undiminished and he is passionate about serving the Eastside’s biggest city. Bellevue voters should reward that zeal by electing him …

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Conrad Lee Endorsed by Seattle King County Realtors, Bellevue Firefighters

Conrad Lee Endorsed by Seattle King County Realtors, Bellevue Firefighters

Bellevue Councilmember Conrad Lee has been endorsed by Bellevue Firefighters and Seattle King County Realtors in his re-election bid.

Seattle King County Realtors announced, “On behalf of our 6,400 members, we have approved an early endorsement for your re-election.”

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