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Councilmember Conrad Lee Announces for Re-Election

Bellevue, Washington – Incumbent long-time Councilmember Conrad Lee announced his re-election campaign for Bellevue City Council.

Former Attorney General Rob McKenna said, “Conrad has the outpouring support of the community. Conrad is Bellevue tax-payers’ best friend. He has been by far the most consistent vote on the City Council against higher taxes. He is the ‘Fiscal Hawk’ on the City Council. His pro-business common-sensical approach has helped Bellevue grow and prosper.”

Campaign Co-Chair Joan Wallace added, “Conrad has a big heart and is champion of our Police and Fire. After a tumultuous year of virus pandemic, economic and social upheaval, and hate crime against our residents, we especially need Conrad to make sure our residents, streets and neighborhoods are safe and our businesses large and small and their employees feel safe to live, work and raise families here.”

Colleague and Deputy Mayor Nieuwenhuis said, “Conrad is a tireless advocate for healthy neighborhoods, excellent schools and strong public safety. He is a good listener, thoughtful in his decisions and upholds our city’s high standards – the ‘Bellevue Way’. Bellevue is the clear beneficiary of his wisdom, common sense, humility and experience.”

Councilmember Robertson said, “Conrad is Bellevue’s first ethnic minority City Councilmember and Mayor. I am proud to work with him as a colleague and to have served as his Deputy Mayor. With his inclusive, collaborative style, balanced approach and innovative vision, Conrad helped shape Bellevue into a welcoming and diverse city and the economic and technology center it is today.”

Councilmember Conrad Lee concluded, “I am grateful for the support and opportunities to serve. Bellevue is blessed with an engaged community and people who love it as I do. I am glad to call it home for the past 54 years and have seen it grow into an economic center. I want to see it continue for our future generations. I am thankful to have companies like Amazon coming, bringing talents from around the world. However, growth brings challenges. I am adamant about preserving our excellent quality of life, continuing sound, responsible investments in public safety, housing, transportation, parks, open space, community services, and neighborhoods. Even in this difficult year, Bellevue has increased spending on Police and Fire with no property tax rate increase. I have the will and experience to continue keep Bellevue and its neighborhoods a great place for people of all races, colors, ages and abilities to call home.”


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