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Bellevue Strong - Look to the Future

Bellevue is recovering well from the COVID-19 pandemic. We had our share of challenges but we have stayed strong.

It’s impressive to see how Bellevue is doing. The message from the BDA sponsored State of the City Address by the Mayor is that Bellevue is functioning well. It is functioning well because of the people who live in Bellevue. They consistently support and insist that the City is managed through good public policies, fiscal prudence, investments in public safety, education, transportation, housing and neighborhoods that offer its residents an excellent quality of life.

This consistent support over the years have enabled the city to weather the pandemic and look forward to the long-standing issues and challenges such as social equity, racial justice, growing diversity, youth and older adults, economic growth, technology and environmental threats and concerns which COVID-19 exposed and exacerbated.

Bellevue has done better than most because of the partnership and relationship it has built over the years and how well the City has continued to be well managed and stay strong. Let’s not forget the people who have led us to where and what we are today.

I am proud to say that the City Council has stepped up in this year’s budget to initiate several bold transformational projects in building human capital rather than transactional physical projects, recognizing the importance of our diverse communities and human capital. This is a step toward collaboration and working together to solve our future challenges. This is how we can stay strong and look to the future!


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