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I Denounce Hate Crime

I have been on the Bellevue City Council for almost 28 years, often the lone voice of the unheard and the lone face of the unseen. I was the first and only ethnic minority elected Councilmember and Mayor for a long time. Bellevue had less than 10% minority population then. It is now over 50%. More than 30% are Asian and growing. There are now three ethnic minority Councilmember.

We denounce crime and hate crime because hate is especially toxic and harmful. Hate has no place in Bellevue. As individuals, we cannot sit by. We must oppose them. As elected officials, we have the duty and responsibility to make our cities safe.

As an Asian American, I am personally troubled by the Anti-Asian racial sentiment and hate crime against Asians. I want to be safe and feel safe no matter what city I am in and visit my friends and businesses whether in Seattle, San Francisco or Atlanta.

I denounce hate crime, no matter where, when and by whom. We all oppose crime because they threaten our lives and properties. We choose to live in Bellevue because it is safe.

Therefore, I am glad to take a stand in unity with all our friends and fellow Americans, no matter what sex, age, race, color or creed, to work together to keep our cities and our nation safe.


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